4 signs your idea can become a business in 2022

4 signs your idea

can become a successful business in 2021

As the famous Benjamin Franklin once said, “To live is to face one problem after another. It’s the way you look at it that makes the difference,” I can confirm that showing you 4 sign your idea can become a successful business in 2021 through real example.

Who has never seen someone wait for a taxi on the corner and pass several either full or out of order? A company saw this problem and created an app that you can call the taxi and know which vehicle, driver’s name, what a ride will cost even before you get in or see the taxi, UBER.

These are problems that become a great success, but why the TAXI MAGIC that got 30,000 downloads in one day, didn’t go forward as it was the first company to create this application model 6 years in advance of UBER?

Back in time when Uber was nowhere close to being released in the market, Arison founded Taxi Magic in 2008, to provide services that another company called Uber would soon become famous for.

Arison’s debut in the American professional market was at BCG in Washington, where found how tiresome it was to try and book taxis in unfamiliar cities. The necessity to make this hectic process into something simple propelled him to stumble upon this idea, and wasting no time, he set up a meeting with Russell and the latter’s entrepreneur-turned friend Tom Depasquale.

They thus pooled in ideas and resources to build a company around this concept, where the first name was called RideCharge. Depasquale uses Concur as a plug-in expense-reporting tool as himself was a high member of the Concur company. The idea was that business travellers would use RideCharge to book and pay for their taxis, and at the same time, RideCharge would add a service charge on top of the fare.

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They made some mistakes that penalized the company’s success by millions.

  • They limited their target audience.
  • Complicated payment system.
  • Backup systems with many flaws.

And the only idea that could have saved and allowed the company to enjoy the international reputation that Uber now has was banned by its own board members.
Market research is a huge advantage that successful companies have had, as they were able to analyze the market as a whole and think outside the box.


Simple problems that are in our day-to-day that can generate millions of dollars, sometimes we have an idea and for lack of focus and commitment to our own idea, we lose focus and leave aside what would be something innovative and that we would provide a different future.

Don’t allow your problem to be solved and it doesn’t generate any profit for you. Your problem may become a business in 2021, think about it, if I need other people like me they are having and need it, if you can solve thinking outside the box and acquire, create a solution for people with the same difficulty to use your experience bringing you profit.

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