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4 signs your idea can become a business in 2022

4 signs your idea can become a successful business in 2022

4 signs your idea can become a successful business in 2021 As the famous Benjamin Franklin once said, “To live is to face one problem after another. It’s the way you look at it that makes the difference,” I can confirm that showing you 4 sign your idea can become

What is Mobile Commerce

What is Mobile Commerce If you work or interact a lot with e-commerce (commerce transitions conducted through the internet) you may have seen the term “m-commerce” (or m-com). It’s a (not so) new way of doing sales, mainly focused on handheld gadgets.  It’s a fact that smartphones have turned on

Why invest in Mobile Commerce

Why invest in Mobile Commerce As mentioned before, m-commerce is a trend. It’s going up fastly and the businesses that adopt that model now have a great potential of increasing their profit. Of course, when we talk about an investment we have to keep in mind that an initial budget

Save your money with apps

Save your money with apps      Technology has made its way into our lives and it looks like this bonding will only get deeper. It is probably a permanent change and we need to get used to life with computers and cellphones. Within the many facilities that technology brought

Flutter MobX as State Management: quick guide

What is MobX? What is State management?           State management is a tool you can use to control the state of your screen. If you have a button, for example, that every time is pressed has to perform an action and this action changes a background

StatelessWidgets vs StatefulWidgets

Stateless VS Stateful Widgets When developing with Flutter, there will certainly be a need of building screen layouts, customizing existent user interfaces or managing how the screen changes with user’s interaction. Due to this, the developer must know how to deal with widgets and in this article we’ll cover the

Clean Code

Clean code – The rules: functions

Clean Code In this article we will look at more rules to make Clean Code. If you missed the first three articles that explain what Clean Code is, the general rules and the rules to names and comments, you should check them before continuing. If you have already read them, read on! Rule nº

Clean Code

Clean code – The rules: names and comments

There are some rules related to names and comments that we are going to talk about in this article that can help in making Clean Code. If you haven’t read the first two articles that explain what Clean Code is and what the general rules are, you should check them. But if you

Clean Code

Clean code – The rules: generals

To create Clean Code there are some rules that you can follow. If you haven’t already read the first article explaining what Clean Code is, you can find it here. But if you already have read it, let’s get to the rules. Rule nº 1: The Boy Scout Rule: always

Clean Code

Clean code – What is it?

Clean code and its benefits Have you ever experienced a huge decrease in productivity in your projects over the years? Have you ever lost days trying to figure out what a code does? Maybe the problem isn’t you but the people who wrote that code. “Any fool can write code


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