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Dart basics

Dart is a programming language created by Google and the tool by which Flutter applications are developed. It is very easy to learn, especially if you already know how to program in any other language. Dart is an object-oriented language, which means that every piece of data has a specific

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In software development, a very important concept to know is API which stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a piece of software that connects 2 different applications. It basically enables one application to talk to another, and thus information is shared between them both. Let’s use an analogy:

Calm Experts - What is Flutter

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a toolkit made by Google to develop mobile, web and desktop applications. If you want a mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and Android, you may think that you need two different teams (two codes) to develop your app for both platforms using native solutions. But with

We are Nominated: “Startups Worth An Investment”

“72 Android Startups Worth An Investment In 2020” That is what The Startup Pill said about Calm Experts. I am Honored and everyone here at Calm Experts is honored. It take a lot of work to create great software and we are proud to be among the 72 of the

Buyer’s Guide for mobile apps

Calm Experts BUYER’S  GUIDE FOR  MOBILE APPS O1 5 habits of great app developers O2 25 questions to ask your (potential) app developer  O3 6 must-have features for your mobile app O4 Conclusion O1 5 HABITS OF GREAT APP DEVELOPERS 5 habits of great app developers So you’re looking for an


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