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We are proud to have played a role in feeding the poor

Locating food for the poor is a true problem that is best solved by the location experts at Locator. The solution: Locator Buffet. While it may not be the only solution, it allows users to locate a fridge and get something to eat. The food, fridge and location to place the fridge is donated and supplied by other users and monetary donations can be made as well.

We are proud to have been a part of such an important project and it is truly appreciated to see a corporation do something that isn’t necessarily for monetary purposes. From management to the engineers, developers and designers who made this happen, we are thankful for this opportunity and happy to do our part.

This couldn't be more rewarding

When our client Locator came to us with Buffet we were pleased that they were so satisfied with our work they entrusted us with another project. At first we thought it is due to the savings they will enjoy due to the similarities in project and the ability to reuse many components. However we came to find out that this project was similar in usability but far from similar in functionality.

We used what we had built for Locator and grew many functions on top. Now we not only need to crowdsource items at specific locations but we also need to know when it has been used.

UI/UX Design

Technologies Used

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Firebase is a platform that creates web and mobile applications

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