Exclusive, trendy & lively = Hause Party

We were aproced by Party Lab to, first, take over development of Hause Parte, from the previous developer. Second, they didn’t just want the Party Lab events to be a pleasant and emersive experience but they wanted the Hause Parte app itself to be an expriance that stands out, in a good way (in this industry I must clearly).

The challenges

If you have read some of these shocases/case studies you know that each project comes with it’s own challenges, this one is on the lower levels of difficulty but none the less we can learn something from each experience .

The previous developer who had done a good job up to this point but simple=y couldn’t seem to finish the job. For a variety of sesions we see this often, we always approach these situations with caution because we never knwo what state the previous developer has left the code in. We were pleasantly surprised when noticing the code itself wasn’t so bad, the sctructure however required a lot of work to clean up thhe code and organize the files before we can even make any changes or fix the issues and there where plenty.

UI/UX Design

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