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This project was done for our parent company Calm Business. The goal was fairly simple, create an app that allows a business to create a space and invite employees to peek into this space. Offering a variety and even custom peeks such as projects, events, payroll and so much more. We keep adding new peeks and custom spaces based on clients needs.

The meat is on the mic

Peek allows brands to create a community for their employees, customers, etc. I designed and built this around the idea that developers and other talented people would join the app to work on projects for the greater good. A user can signup with an invite link from the brand meaning the user can be part of many communities on Peek but does not see a list of random communities and it also means communities are private. Once the user joins a community, they can see ideas, projects, posts and much more. The user is encouraged to join a project, select a position and start working on it once all the ‘required’ positions are filled. All features can be turned on or off depending on the communities’ needs; these features include voting, events, and much more.

It was very important to make this as simple as possible therefore there is only one page meaning you don’t have to look deep before you find what is important. Everything new is moved to the top and the user can jump to any section.

I am still in the process of adding features, feel free to reach out if you want to participate or use whichever features are ready for your community.

UI/UX Design

Technologies Used

Calm Experts services - Flutter logo


A reliable framework that enables use to work efficiently

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Firebase is a platform that creates web and mobile applications

Calm Experts - Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Cloud computing services on the same foundation as Google

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