Save your money with apps

Save your money with apps

     Technology has made its way into our lives and it looks like this bonding will only get deeper. It is probably a permanent change and we need to get used to life with computers and cellphones. Within the many facilities that technology brought to us are apps: a kind of software mostly used with mobile gadgets. Apps are present in all areas of our lives, the resolution of your problems in the palm of your hand. But, besides the obvious point of innovation necessity, what is the benefit of using an app, or, being more specific: what is the benefit of contracting an app service to your business?
    You should analyze your situation carefully. In this article,in-app we’ll use as an example a real app developed by Calm Experts for a fictional Laundry Company, in hope that a practical example helps you in any way.
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    Firstly, if you are working with the general public, try to think about how your app will affect your customers: nowadays people are looking for practical things, the more practical the merrier, everyone is busy, everyone wants to save time, try to attend to your customers’ expectations. You can analyze your customers and your business necessities and search for an app that satisfies both, building it from zero or using an existing app, as we’ll show moreover.

    Following our practical example: imagine that to use the laundry the customer has to make an appointment: he has to save a part of his day to go to the laundry store or at least to call them and make an appointment. If this same Laundry inc. has an app, the customer can do the very same process with some touches on his smartphone’s screen at any time of the day. He doesn’t have to stop his responsibilities or reserve a specific time anymore, he can do it any time, fastly and easily, which will guarantee a point to that Laundry company over competitors that do not use that system. 

    On the other hand, imagine that the app can alone show the free schedules, make appointments, and organize all of this together to facilitate the employee work or even replace them. Simple tasks usually made by human employees can now be done by apps, reducing the chance of human error, increasing your company’s productivity and profitability. In that case, you have then an app that contemplates both sides: the customer, who gets practicality, and the company, who gets work reduced. Thinking in that way is not difficult to agree that having an app is, besides any other aspect, an investment.

    If your customer happiness and loyalty alone is not enough reason for you to get an app for your business, what about some numbers? Firstly, according to The Balance Small Business, in the US and Canada, over 85% of people are internet users and between those users, according to Blue Corona, over 80% own a smartphone. Having an app can help you with your actual customers and guarantee you new ones, providing what is necessary for you to expand and grow your business successfully. The majority of people use technology, nothing could be more fitting than using technology to get to them, at least, that is the more logical thinking.


    Even that way, in 2019, businesses that owned mobile storefronts weren’t many: less than two-thirds of small businesses do have a website, so having an app possibly puts you and your business way ahead of your competitors. Is important to say that between those who have a website over 94% were mobile-friendly, as put in the paragraph above, a lot of people own/use a smartphone, it is important to have a good platform for those people, in this case, apps are a good choice.

    As put in the first topic, contracting/buying an app service is an investment and should be treated as such. Analyze your situation carefully and put the pros and cons on paper. If in the end, you choose to contract or buy an app, remember to search for great professionals and make sure to know the usual price range, don’t do your app with just anyone and avoid miraculous proposals, the construction of an app is not magical and the costs will reflect it. If you need any help in this step, try asking for Calm Experts’ help. Our company works with great professionals all around the globe and they definitely will know how to help you.

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Work on your app’s idea deeply, put all the needed functionalities on paper, and discuss it with the developer team, a great line of communication is extremely important in app construction. Try to put everything as clearly as possible and listen to the experts: things may not be exactly as you think it is. It’ll be, mainly, teamwork and you’ll have to do your job if you want the result to be satisfying in the end.

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