Travel Agency

After this unexpected pandemic scenario, people changed their lives after COVID-19!

Most of them are thinking about enjoying life more and putting others' plans aside.

Travel agencies can take advantage of this unique opportunity. Developing your own app, building customer loyalty and attracting more customers and providing conveyance.

We at Calm Experts have thought of everything but we love new and improved ideas. Get in touch with one of our experts who will help you carry out this project.

Real Estate

With the housing market heating up again after an unexpected pandemic, the opportunity arises to make a difference and get the biggest slice of the pie.

Many consumers discovered the power of the internet during COVID-19, awakening the vision of how to get things done without leaving the house.

Real estate is an excellent option for those who are in the business and know how profitable it is.

Calm Experts has all the requirements to create your custom application with highly modern and attractive tools that can earn you lots of leads.

Hotel Booking

Now is the time to invest in a custom app. The hotel market is coming back in full force due to the COVID-19 pandemic process.

Full of vacation plans, customers from worldwide are researching for holiday time.

Calm Experts’ Software team combined with our Marketing team has boosted our clients’ business and booked hotels to capacity achieving unseen opportunities.

Let us do the same for you, leveling-up your business profits.


Lockdown. That word will remain in human history. Who knew it could get to that point.

Today, even after strict restrictions are over, every local grocery store is thinking about creating a website or mobile app. You haven't started your project yet?

Calm specialists can develop your custom application and help you build loyalty, increase your customers and prepare your business for any future situation. Let us help you now!


Each store has a virtue, each salesperson has his talent, some sell more, others less. We, who are in the business and at the same time customers, know how to make this magic happen.

Our marketing experts can improve your sales by taking care of every detail for you.

An app is a great sales tool but our services provide a lot more than just an app, ask us about our platform and commerce services.

Calm Experts can turn an app into your best seller. Trust us!

Medical, Diagnostics and Medicines

Everyone knows that, when it comes to health, we do anything to take care of a sick family member.

When we talk to an expert doctor and he, through questions and exams, solves a problem for us, we are very grateful. Imagine having an app that connects the doctor with you! In the most difficult times, having an expert to ask questions just a touch away is the best way out.

We connect doctors, exams, patients and more through a custom app.

Can you imagine how profitable it can be? We at Calm Experts can help you put this project online. Give us a call!

Pet Shop

The pet is a member of the family we can't be without. But who has never forgotten to buy the feed?

Pet Shop owners!

Calm Experts can help you develop a custom app that allows you to get more customers. With an app that automatically warns customers that the feed is running out! And with a simple touch, place the order.

Contact us and we will make a unique app, making your business more profitable and modern.

Finance app

Do you know when you need to fulfill a dream and can't because of tight finance?

There is a way your dream can come true without messing up your financial life.

That's the idea, your custom lending app can be very profitable. Calm Experts knows how to filter your leads and help you convert more and more.

Let us help your ideas grow up.

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