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The question is often asked, Android or iOS, what to focus on first. With Calm Experts the answer is BOTH. We get you onto Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store for the same price, using the same code and at the same time. No compromise, no glitchy gimmicky web apps, only native and beautiful experiences.

Mobile first, then everywhere

Our expertise combined with the technologies we use will allow you to focus on mobile but will not restrict you to only mobile. With little to no extra work, you can convert your mobile app into a web and desktop app, saving you a tremendous amount of time and money. This gives you the competitive edge against any existing or would be competitors.

Best Practices

We lead in the industry’s best practices, with clean code, clean architecture and clean design. your app will look, feel and function fast, clean and beautiful. Most importantly your users will know and feel the difference between your app and other because of the clean practices in our code.

Calm Experts - workspace
Calm Experts - workspace

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our team of experts have Experience in many Industries

You know that idea we have, but we don’t know where to start?

Calm, we’re here to show the right path. Contact us now and we’ll get your ideas organized by experts!


Our experts have experience with the features your mobile app will need.

Maps & GPS

Location-based features


Authentication | Accounts


Voice control


What we are capable and most proud of.

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One Codebase, One Team:
All Platforms

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Fast & Reliable Backend

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Comprehensive & Secure Server

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As professional mobile app developers and launch specialists, we know how to advocate for your success. Choosing the right framework and strategy for your mobile app can be daunting, so we handle as much of the process as our clients allow. From an expert’s perspective, we prioritize open source, cross-platform flexibility, consistency in QA and deployment, and a simplified user experience, because these are the qualities that have brought us the most successful results.

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