What is Mobile Commerce

If you work or interact a lot with e-commerce (commerce transitions conducted through the internet) you may have seen the term “m-commerce” (or m-com). It’s a (not so) new way of doing sales, mainly focused on handheld gadgets.

 It’s a fact that smartphones have turned on one of the most important modern human partners. We are together all of the time, everywhere, it’s a necessity: you need it to check the time, to schedule a meeting, to talk to your friends, putting it simply: you need it for basics. It was only a matter of time until the commerce field sees the potential of making safe transitions through those devices. With this new arrangement is way easier for the customer to buy, you can sell it anytime and anywhere, and he can buy it anytime and anywhere: the perfect solution for everyone’s lack of time. That’s how m-commerce keeps gaining popularity nowadays.

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