In 2020, businesses just don’t work like they used to.

The novelty of a physical shopping experience, or the exclusivity of a pop-up shop will never fully go away; but now (more than ever), people need to be able to find you online. They want to be able to browse your website or scroll through your Instagram to get a more three-dimensional view of your product or service. They want to be able to lurk in Reddit threads or Google Reviews to make them feel assured about hitting the buy button. Customers live in a world of endless options – and if they can’t find you digitally, there’s a good chance they will abandon the search altogether. Here are a couple of reasons why establishing your digital presence is paramount:

Here are a couple of reasons why establishing your digital presence is paramount:

You’ll Free Up Time: Having a digital presence for your brand essentially makes you and your offering available 24/7. People will always have access to you and your story your pricing. They’ll also have the ability to book a call to hear more about your service or buy your product. This isn’t a luxury they had in mom-and-pop shops that were open for 8 hours a day. With your digital assets, it’s as if you’re paying someone to be available all the time to do your selling on autopilot.

You’ll Save Money On Marketing Costs: Forget spending money on an ad or a billboard. With a solid website or social media presence, people will be able to see the best version of your business all the time. You don’t need to invest significant amounts in something you hope will capture customers’ attention. You can invest your money in something you know your customers will see, and will save you plenty of coin in the marketing department.

You’ll Strengthen Your Brand: Having an online presence allows you build an entire story – heck, an entire world – around your brand. Who you are, why you do it, your history, and your full feature set. In a time when there are thousands of companies that offer the same thing, you need to stand out. Good branding can give you that edge. Many businesses use their presence to tell wholesome stories that show the value of their product and service, or stoke controversy to drive engagement en masse, and this can all be achieved by using simple digital tools. People use Instagram to create the image of a perfect lifestyle around their clothing brand, for example. They create playlists, they get influencers to wear their items, they curate colour palettes and play with different modes of expression. A digital presence is the bare minimum for presenting your brand to the world, and just devoting a small chunk of time to it will pay dividends.

You’ll Deliver Better Customer Service: Today, your company can function virtually as a self-serve product or service. With a solid digital presence, you can have everything set up so you can press go on your customer service infrastructure and let it do all the work. The shift in responsiveness and personalized support will make all the difference to your customer, so the return is more than worth the initial investment.

Your Marketing Will Be Less Pushy: Gone are the days of the car salesman. By having a more passive digital marketing asset, you don’t have to chase people as much. The information is out there, so you can let your branding communicate your unique value proposition without forcing a sale or a next step. That’s what the call to action is for! You know your value, so now you can launch your website and let your perfect customers come to you!

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